Beverly Hills Chihuahua Trailer inspires Aztec Chihuahua Party with Mayan Temple Play Structure

Want a Chihuahua Nightlight?  Click here on the picture!

Want a Chihuahua Nightlight? Click here on the picture!

The trailers for the upcoming Disney movie “Beverly Hills Chihuahua” are readily available on sites all over the internet… Disney or YouTube just to name a few. My nine year old daughter Kayden thinks they are hilarious…. (ok, so do I). So much so that over the summer, the theme for her birthday party was “Aztec Chihuahua“.

Aztec Chihuahua Birthday Party Decorations

Aztec Chihuahua Birthday Party Decorations

Not surprisingly, party favors and party supplies that have an Aztec Chihuahua theme are a little hard to come by, so we had to improvise. We made our own Aztec Chihuahua party invitations and pinata. We also made an Aztec Chihuahua mural for our dining room and my wife made a stunning Aztec Chihuahua cake. We made our own Chihuahua plates, and our own Chihuahua dog collars for the girls to wear and take home. The complete details on the party can be found on the Kyle Design website. (While you’re there, be sure to check out the rest of the sight. Kyle has many unique ideas for kids birthday parties, birthday cakes, and Halloween Costumes. She also has a virtually unlimited selection of cool contemporary personalized gifts. You could easily get all your Christmas shopping done in one visit. )

Aztec Temple, Mayan Temple, Meso-american Pyramid

Kids Play Structure Inspired by: Aztec Temples, Mayan Temples, Meso-american Pyramids, and Disney

Originally, as my daughter and I were planning the party, I committed to building some sort of a Aztec temple or Mayan temple as a decoration. I figured I would use PVC to build something light and cheap. Somewhere along the way, I decided to use wood instead. It was at that point that I got a little carried away. The end result was a functional pyramid-shaped play structure that is inspired by the Aztec and Mayan Temples of Pre-Columbian Central America. It measures 13’x13′ at the base and is nearly 11 feet tall. It features four staircases, a hammock, solar powered light fixtures by Malibu, and a priests’ penthouse at the top. The total price tag for everything was about $600, not including labor or gas money for countless trips to Lowe’s, Home Depot, and Orchard Supply. ( I would have gone to Independent Hardware dealers, but there are none in Livermore.) The sheer entertainment value of building it and using it this summer has already been worth at least $600.

Chihuahua Party Favors were worn by the girls at the party-  big hit!

Chihuahua Party Favors were worn by the girls at the party- big hit!

I built the pyramid in my front driveway. I had intended for the design to be somewhat modular, with all the staircases held by bolts and thus easily removed. At some point, I was sure I would want or need to take it apart and move the pyramid to the back yard. As the project developed, I sacrificed modularity in favor of strength and stability, and ultimately decided that my driveway would be a perfectly fine permanent home for the pyramid. Hey, it matches the house quite nicely, and pizza deliveries to our house are easier than ever. Forget the address, just look for the house with the Aztec temple. Ai Chihuahua!

Check the Kyle Design website for additional details and pictures of the temple and the Aztec Chihuahua birthday party. There are a few there now, and I will be posting more shortly.